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Salamanca is a great place to learn Spanish thanks to its reputation for “pure” Spanish. A wonderful place for language courses, Salamanca is a city you will get to know quickly and one that you’ll remember for a long time. The international atmosphere provides the chance to meet people from all over the world whilst experiencing an authentic Spanish lifetyle through the langauge courses and activities that we have on offer. What are you waiting for? Here in Salamanca is a language learning experience you’ll never forget!

Spanish Courses in Spain

Special Programs for Groups

Mester offers Group Spanish Language courses at our Spanish Language School in Salamanca. If you’re interested in bringing your group abroad to study Spanish with us take a look here. For more information you can also visit our blog.

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Student Feedback

Students Gbor Gask
“Mester is the finest language school I know. In the frame of the excellent
lessons and the many organized programs you learn Spanish while having fun,
in an city with an amazing atmosphere, which I got to like so much.”

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