When we first begin to learn a new language, the majority of students focus on linguistics; hoping that understanding the grammar and controlling the lexicon will allow them to improve their language skills. However, we feel that this approach is too basic for learning a language. Learning a language goes beyond books and the classroom, it also requires a deep understanding of the lifestyle and culture of native speakers.

Mester understands the importance of using Spanish in your day-to-day life, therefore we offer a number of sociocultural activities so that the student can learn first hand about the Spanish lifestyle, more specifically Salamanca´s culture. Our goal is that our students feel actively involved in all that Spain has to offer: history, art, and literature conferences, tapas tours, cooking and dance classes, guided visits, excursions, and Spanish cinema. Our activities are not only informative, but also fun!

  • Guided visit to the city
  • Visit to the Cathedrals (Hieronymus), the Calixto and Melibea Garden and Salamanca Cave
  • Visit to the Central Market
  • Visit to the University
  • Visit to the Civil War Archive
  • Visit to the Art Déco Museum and hot chocolate with churros
  • Visit to the Bullfighting Museum
  • Visit to San Esteban
  • Visit to a jewellery and charro watermark workshop
The most up-to-date language is reflected in the cinematic productions of the moment. Seeing films in Spanish is a good way to learn new vocabularly and improve oral expression. For this reason, from Monday to Thursday we show a variety of Spanish films. The films are either dubbed or subtitled in Spanish to aid understanding.
  • Lecture on Art
  • Lecture on History
  • Orientation session
  • Lecture on Literature
  • Multimedia presentation of the city
  • Horse riding
  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Bike tour at the river
  • Swimming Pool
  • Excursion to Ávila
  • Excursion to Madrid
  • Excursion to Madrid-Prado Museum
  • Excursion to Sierra de Francia
  • Excursion to Valladolid
  • Excursion to Zamora, Segovia & Ávila
  • Tapas Tour
  • Cookery class
  • Wine and Iberian products tasting
  • Chocolate with churros
  • Typical Dinner
  • Salsa dance course
  • Sevillanas dance course
  • Spanish guitar private lesson
  • Welcome party
  • Conversation exchange with Spanish student at Erasmus bar
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