Our standard course consists in 20 lessons of 50 minutes a week. Normally the classes are given in the morning from Monday to Friday with four lessons every day.

If you decide to shorten your stay, we can offer lessons at remaining days. Or if they come to Spain on a weekday, classes could be reallocated in the same way. It is also possible to expand the number of weekly lessons so that the students get the most out of your stay.

If you want that your students to do a qualifying exam of the acquired knowledge, let us know.

For courses of two or more weeks you can earn ECTS college credits of the Pontifical University of Salamanca. If you are interested, contact us.

His students must to complete the placement test at test.mester.com before arrival. With this test we will do the class groups.

But if you prefer to divide them into closed groups (without mixing their spanish level) you can do it. Send us the list, and we will allocate it with other students of our school with the same level.

The class content is organized in two daily lessons of grammar and two of conversation. Of course, if you wish, you can target content just to talk or covering more specific subjects (DELE, history, art, literature, culture, Spanish for business, for tourism, for medicine, translation … ).

SPANISH COURSE 20 lessons of 50 minutes in groups of up to 14 students, although the average is 10. The price includes placement test, books, paper, ballpen, wallet and certificate of attendance (it’s necessary 90% attending of classes).

ACCOMMODATION: Homestay (20 minutes maximun walking from Mester) or at Residence (at the Mester School building or 15 minutes walking from the School) in double or triple room with full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner). If you prefer half board (breakfast and lunch or dinner) would cost 2 euros less per day. Laundry (once a week, up to 6 kg) is included for 2 weeks program or more (not included in the one week program).

TRANSFERS from / to Madrid airport, private bus if the group is more than 10 students or regular bus line if the group is less than that number.

The ACTIVITIES indicated in each itinerary, except those that have a price printed beside. It is possible to adapt the program to your preferences; please contact us. The timetable may vary depending on the number of groups staying at the School at that specific moment. Likewise, through no fault of us, it may be necessary to replace some activity on the other.

INSURANCE with Sanitas’s company, once you have provided the group details in advance.

A GROUP COORDINATOR of our team who will guide them in all activities and will be available when needed.

A AVAILABLE PLACE in our Advanced Course for Teachers for a ACCOMPANYING TEACHER for every 10 students, with accommodation, transfers and participation in all activities. Accommodation will be in family, residence or hotel in a single room. With homestay and residence included full board; in the hotel, only sleep (it is possible to arrange meals at a nearby restaurant, but they are not included in the price).
If your Spanish is not at least B2 (Advanced) could follow a general course of Spanish language.

In addition we provide prepaid SPANISH CELL PHONE, so that students and parents can locate them in Spain without that you would suppose an expense. Other use of the cell phone is to do emergency calls.

The prices include transfers (by private bus for more than 10 students in a public bus for less than 10).

When the group is more than 10 pupils, we will transfer in private bus at any time. If the group is smaller, the transfer will be by public bus in the direct line there between the airport and Salamanca. In this case, their flights would have to adapt to the times of this bus company.

Although, if you prefer, you can make them private bus. To do this, contact us.

Buses have, in both cases, seat belt.

It is the most important part of the program, so we recommend that you report (via a specialized website or a travel agency) prices before contacting us.

Once you know the approximate cost of the flight, you can email us and we’ll send a personalized proposal to your program. It is very important that the dates be the correct final dates, because we will confirm only available on specific dates, not on possible dates.

When you confirm us the booking (number of participants and exact dates) and when you will receive our acceptance, it would be appropriate that you book or buy the airline tickets.

Please, if your group is less than 10 students, note the timetable that is shown in the website of the bus company.

Once you have the details of your outbound (date, time, airport, company and number) and return flight, please contact us.

If you prefer, our collaborating travel agency can buy airline tickets. To make this management, please contact us. In this case, and if you don’t tell us otherwise, the airline tickets of the accompanying teachers will be included in the student’s price ticket.