In the last decade, technology has become part of teaching for obvious reasons: it is a prominent vehicle for information and expression in our new generation; and an irreplaceable instrument any workplace in which you want to pursue in the future; it allows individual adaptations to each type of environment for each student. In order to ensure that they’re learning continues, at the same time as instruction and experimentation allows us to easily share resources between teachers.

From the teacher’s access to technology, the common daily tasks of preparation and the passing on of information, from now on have been made present in our methods of communication, and can be used individually or in discussion groups. The teacher should choose, and overall, be creative using these devices. As opposed to what some people say, technology will not desensitize education by substituting the teacher for the device. In fact on the contrary, it will help the teacher adapt their teaching methods to the students needs in an accessible and an easy way for the students to enjoy, and also preparing themselves for their professional future.
Education is transmitted in a structured form, the culture as well as what we inherited from our ancestors, the contemporary creativity and also the combination of rules that allows us to move in a social surrounding. Without becoming familiar with these aspects, a student will not be able to adapt to their personal or professional surroundings. The culture is nor individual nor global. The culture is what differentiates us from other communities, what joins us, and what helps us learn more about the world around us. In addition, learning culture in Spanish classes will also make learning easy and dynamic with other complex aspects of the language.
The courses and studio sessions that Mester Academy offers are all to familiarize the Spanish teacher with the Spanish language and new horizons that technology brings us.

You will take into account the training, the occupation (designed for secondary and university level) and the necessities of the participants. In addition to the revision of the most problematic points of Spanish grammar, the participating teachers practice the organisation process for their classes in a dynamic way through the involvement of technology based activities. You will also pay special attention to the learning from a computer, communication and learning based tasks.