Being a language teacher is an occupation that is both satisfying and challenging. In order to transmit all necessary knowledge to our students, so that they may learn a new language, teachers must understand linguistic content as well as provide complimentary information to encourage understanding of the language in its many forms. For that reason, language schools require their teachers to update, revise and compliment their teaching methods in order to enrich the student's learning experience.

In our programs for Spanish Foreign Language Instructors, we consider it essential to integrate a concrete socio-cultural activities program, which will provide teachers with the opportunity to get to know our city in a pleasant and interactive way.

All of the activities offered to students will also be offered to professors participating in our professional development course. Activities will be adapted, and teachers will experience Salamanca in a practical, dynamic and different way.

  • Guided visit to the city
  • Visit to the Cathedrals (Hieronymus), the Calixto and Melibea Garden and Salamanca Cave
  • Visit to the Central Market
  • Visit to the University
  • Visit to the Civil War Archive
  • Visit to the Art Déco Museum and hot chocolate with churros
  • Visit to the Bullfighting Museum
  • Visit to San Esteban
  • Visit to a jewellery and charro watermark workshop
The most up-to-date language is reflected in the cinematic productions of the moment. Seeing films in Spanish is a good way to learn new vocabularly and improve oral expression. For this reason, from Monday to Thursday we show a variety of Spanish films. The films are either dubbed or subtitled in Spanish to aid understanding.
  • Lecture on Art
  • Lecture on History
  • Orientation session
  • Lecture on Literature
  • Multimedia presentation of the city
  • Horse riding
  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Bike tour at the river
  • Swimming Pool
  • Excursion to Ávila
  • Excursion to Madrid
  • Excursion to Madrid-Prado Museum
  • Excursion to Sierra de Francia
  • Excursion to Valladolid
  • Excursion to Zamora, Segovia & Ávila
  • Tapas Tour
  • Cookery class
  • Wine and Iberian products tasting
  • Chocolate with churros
  • Typical Dinner
  • Salsa dance course
  • Sevillanas dance course
  • Spanish guitar private lesson
  • Welcome party
  • Conversation exchange with Spanish student at Erasmus bar
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