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Studying Spanish in Salamanca

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Famous for its incredible architecture and fascinating history, Salamanca is an upbeat, modern and dynamic city. Its original golden stone which fills the streets with beautiful tones and a unique light gives the city’s buildings a rich feeling of culture. An ideal place to take a Spanish course in Spain.

The diverse styles of architecture are mixed in the streets and squares of the old centre, seen on everything from churches to rennaisance palaces, fascinating and charming anyone who visits. The artistic diversity of this intimate city, full of personality, invites the visitor to discover its infinite corners where the most beautiful of buildings can be found. The two cathedrals, one Romanic and the other Gothic, the emblematic Casa de las Conchas and the impressive jewel which is the University façade, are all attractions which have made Salamanca a UNESCO heritage site. The university is one of the oldest in the world; it was at the forefront of the Spanish renaissance, served as a bridge to Latin America, and later became a model for many universities in the new world.

References to Salamanca are made throughout Spanish literary history and it is where some of the most prolific Spanish writers and intellectuals have studied. Therefore, student life remains intrinsic to the culture of Salamanca. At the heart of the city lies the impressive Plaza Mayor, always illuminated and bustling with people. Why don’t you enroll yourself in a Spanish course today? It’s a great place to be!

Salamanca's cathedral tower

Salamanca is a multicultural city, full of life, where you can always find places for music, dance, theatre and film. Beyond the city the province is full of quiet lanes, extensive woodlands and beautiful nature. After driving only a short way you can find remote villages with steep cobbled streets, quaint architecture and of course specialised Spanish cuisine. Salamanca is a city with a rich history and stunning amount of architecture overflowing with energy from its student population.

Gastronomy in Salamanca

Chorizo and Farinato

Salamanca is one of the oldest producers of chorizo

The products of Salamanca are generally very substantial. The pigsties and cattle sheds in the fields produce some of Salamanca’s finest delicacies: from its acorn-fed Iberian hams (which make up 60% of Spain’s total production of Iberian ham), to those unbeatable cold meats, such as pork lomo and Iberian chorizo, (the most famous smoked or naturally-dried pork cuts).

The Morucha veal, reared alongside the raza de Lidia bulls often used for bullfights, is a succulent red meat divided into various cuts, and which forms the basis of many delicious stews.

Not only is the meat important in Salamanca, but so are fruits, vegetables and desserts. The cherries, lentils, chickpeas, patatas meneás, potato stews, peppers, onions and pancettas all come highly recommended.
Among the many delicious sweets you can find nougat-candy turrón, wafers obleas and almond biscuits perronillas.

If you are interested, and want to learn more about the Salamanca’s cuisine, visit our School’s Blog where you’ll find more information about the typical dishes here in Salamanca. Why don’t you sign up to our Spanish Cookery Class?

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