Learn Spanish… study in Spain!

  • According to the Cervantes Institute, 6.7% of the world´s population, or 470 million people speak Spanish. If we add that to the number of people who study or have studied Spanish, we are talking about 548 million people.
    Percentages of the world population, divided by languages.

    Percentages of the world population, divided by languages. Source: Cervantes Institute

  • Spanish is the language with the second highest number of native speakers in the world. It is second to Mandarin Chinese, and it is also considered the second language for international communication.
  • The progressive increase of Spanish-speakers continues to grow year after year, while other languages such as Chinese and English have not been increasing quite as rapidly. Learning Spanish is a definite investment into your future.
  • Some sources project that 7.5% of the world´s population will be Spanish-speakers 2030 (currently 6.7% worldwide), and they even dare to say that within 35 years, the United States could be the number one Spanish-speaking country in the world.

    Languages chosen for foreign language study by students in the USA. [Source: Modern Language Association, MLA]

Speaking Spanish and dominating the language is easier than you think.

Rather than difficult, we would call Spanish a complete language, just like the others that derive from Latin. For that reason, for those students whose native language is from the same family, Spanish will seem fairly familiar, while for students with languages from other families, Spanish could result more challenging. In this case, we can confirm that Spanish is not difficult, it is simply different.

Learn a new language and get ready for the future!

Given the recent economic development of many countries in America, and thanks to the future potential of their natural resources and growing industry, and taking into account the current influence of Spain in world context, there are many countries who are looking to establish commercial connections with these nations. Therefore, we can guarantee that learning Spanish will prove to be an essential part of creating and strengthening these relationships.

Learn at your own pace while enjoying our new Spanish language programs

Learning a language is a natural process that always depends on each student and his or her circumstances. There are many factors that influence the assimilation of the contents of a new language, but it is always important to use all the resources available to obtain the most complete immersion possible. Furthermore, in order to learn a language, it is essential to get to know the people that speak the language, in their own native territory.

For that reason, in Mester we not only offer students the possibility to complete intensive language courses, we also complement the experience with multiple possibilities that will help them reach their goals in a short time: accommodation with Spanish families, socio-cultural activities to discover Spanish reality, special elective courses based on communication and culture and much more!

Although it is difficult to offer a concrete answer to this question, we can confirm that after two or three weeks, students will gain sufficient confidence to be able to communicate in a productive way.

In order to build your “Spanish House”, you must begin with the foundations

Our courses are structured in a perfectly balanced way, combining grammatical content with communication skills so that learning will be progressive, complimentary and efficient. For students who have never had any contact with Spanish before, we always recommend the experience from the most basic level, a course in A1, for beginners.

You choose the goal, we provide you with the way!

Level B1 is generally considered the “threshold level,” which means, it is the moment in which the student changes from “studying” Spanish to “speaking” Spanish. In Mester each level is structured to be completed in 4 weeks (80-100 classroom hours), therefore a student beginning with an A1 level would have to complete a 12-week course in order to gain a B1 level.