If you want to study in Spain, choose well! Choose Salamanca

  • Salamanca is a modern, bright and cheerful city. It is a place where history and incredible architecture come together, a city enveloped in culture and brewing with vital student life, attracting students from all over the world.

    Visita a la Casa de las Conchas en la visita a la ciudad con nuestos cursos de español

  • Salamanca is a multicultural city, full of life, where you will find music, dance, theater, and cinema and many cultural activities taking place throughout the city.
  • For these reasons, Salamanca is the ideal city for taking a Spanish Course in Spain.
  • Salamanca´s original golden stone floods the streets with a unique combination of colors, shining especially bright in the sun. It´s buildings are filled to the brim with culture and wisdom.
  • Diverse architectural styles including Gothic, Baroque, Plateresque, Renaissance etc. are mixed throughout the city, in the streets and plazas of the old town´s center.
  • The two cathedrals, one Roman and the other Gothic, and the emblematic House of Shells, as well as the impressive gem of plateresque architecture known as the University Façade, are just a few of the attractions that have earned the city it´s name as a World Heritage site.
  • The university is one of the oldest in the world, and is considered important as it served as a door to the Spanish Renaissance and as a bridge to Latin America. The university is home to classroomsonce used for teaching by some of the most distinguished writers and thinkers in Spanish history.

    Torre de la catedral de Salamanca

  • The splendid Plaza Mayor marks the city´s rhythm, as a central meeting point in the heart of the city. Each afternoon and until late at night, locals, students and tourists alike pass through this stunning plaza.
  • The province also offers a relaxing escape, to outdoor hiking paths, large forests and protected natural parks. These routes are surrounded by small medieval towns with narrow, cobblestone streets, where you can enjoy delicious traditional dishes.
  • Salamanca is a city with a fascinating history and an incomparable personality, full of life and energy due to itslively student population.