A fully equipped school, makes a difference

  • One of the most important advantages of our school is the flexibility we provide. If you tell us your situation, we will reach an agreement to adapt your experience in Spain (your program, your courses…) to your personal circumstances..
  • We provide tailor-made programs: adapting each program to each student´s knowledge, objectives and time available.
  • Don’t worry about dates: our courses are available throughout the entire year, at all levels, regardless of the number of registrations.
  • At our school, all of the classrooms are equipped with digital Smart Boards, making it possible to save all the notes written on the Smart Board at the end of each class.
Digital boards our Spanish school

Digital boards our Spanish school

Included in the price of the course:

  • Classroom materials (folder, books for each theme within each level, pen and paper).
  • Online exam to determine each student´s Spanish level before arriving to Salamanca.
  • Diploma and Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course (it is necessary to attend at least 90% of classes).
  • Free access to Internet via our computers and free Wifi connection within the school.
  • Specialized library, with the possibility to take out books.
  • Wide variety of socio-cultural activities every day, the majority of which are free.
  • Information about activities and cultural events throughout the city.
Also available but not included in the price of the course:

  • Transfer from the airport to Salamanca.
  • University credits – eTCS (consult conditions).
  • Medical insurance.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Car rental.
  • Plane/Bus tickets.
  • Hotel or Accommodation reservations in other cities in Spain.