If you have decided to learn Spanish, perhaps you have chosen Spanish as apposed to French or German because you know that one day you will use it, and here at Mester we can assure you that you are right.


Spanish is spoken, not only in Spain, but also in Latin America and in some African countries. You are also likely to find many Spanish speakers in places such as the United States and also the Philippines.

Our selection of linguistic resources has the objective to centre itself in the Spanish
language, the vocabulary, common expressions, grammar and online dictionaries. It is part of a basic survival guide that will help you manage yourself when you arrive in the Learn Spanish in Salamanca.
In time you will realise that learning Spanish is not as difficult as it might seem at
first. Once you familiarise yourself with the typical characteristics, you will be ready to learn the basics of this language. This is the main objective, to ensure that your learning is as simple as possible.
If you recognise the basic vocabulary and basic Spanish grammar, from this point you will be able to communicate easily in Salamanca, or in other Spanish speaking cities. In addition, you will have to take into account that many people that many people that speak Spanish as a first language, may not be able to express themselves clearly in English.

If you immerse yourself in the language, by speaking with someone, ordering food, asking for directions, giving a taxi driver instructions, making a reservation at a hotel, your experience in Salamanca will be simple and fun if you know the Spanish culture and you have a basic knowledge of the language before you arrive in Spain.